Dept-Palette MV

뎁트-팔레트 뮤직비디오
청량한 분위기의 아트워크로, persona 앨범아트의 캐릭터가 살아움직인다는 컨셉입니다.
우주같은 바닷속을 유영하며 자신의 컬러를 찾아가는 스토리입니다

It is a refreshing art work, and the concept is that the character of persona album art lives and moves.
It's a story about swimming in the ocean like the universe and finding your own color.

/ Music Video (horizontal ver.)  

/ Music Video (vertical ver.)

/ Styleframe

Client: Dept 

Production : moggstudio
Crerative Director : Da-jeong Kim 
Illustration : Da-jeong Kim 
Cell Animation Sketch : so-hyeong Choi
Animation : Da-jeong Kim, Ju-hyeong Kim